Kid Friendly Vacations - Ideas and Tips to build the best Family Vacation

Kid Friendly Family Vacations strives to help families plan fun and interesting kid friendly vacations by providing information on destinations and fun kid friendly things to do while there..... including help to make the travel time a little easier.


New from Kid Friendly Family Vacations

New from the Kid Friendly Family Vacations Travel Blog

Hello, and Welcome to Kid Friendly Family Vacations..... Our family has traveled for as long as I can remember.... starting when the children were very young and continuing on until we hit the teenage years.  We are even sharing our love for travel with a grand child.

It is our family's hope that we can help you learn what we have learned over the years... that even the busiest harried families can have great kid friendly vacations.... you will be so glad that you did! some of the topics we will cover on the site are:




Destination Ideas

Sometimes, the only thing stopping you is choosing a destination.  Over the years, we have visited beaches, and several big cities. 

Below you will find descriptions and attractions from just two of the Big Cities that we recommend you visit with your family....

Family Vacation Ideas

Most kid friendly vacations start with one of these favorite family vacation ideas....


Make getting there a little easier....

When all of the vacation planning is complete, and it is finally time to take that family vacation - what are you then faced with - getting there!   You may be looking at a 10 hour car ride, or a 5 hour plane flight....

Whatever the travel arrangements, you will need to keep the kids occupied!

We have put together several free downloadable e-books of children's travel activities including sudoku puzzzles, mazes, and other puzzles.... as well as given you some cool game ideas that you can play in the car together.


It is our hopes that this website will provide you with great kid friendly vacation ideas, and inspire you to plan a trip with your family no matter the age of your children.

You will find information here on favorite kid friendly vacation destinations as well as information of kid friendly things to do while visiting. The site is also chock full of activities and games to make the family travel just a little bit easier.

Let your imagination run wild, and we will help you plan your best kid friendly vacation ever!



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